Knotes 1.5.0 Release

Dear Knotes users, your Knotes 1.5.0 update has arrived!

Knotes 1.5.0 Update

What’s new 🆕:

  • Hugely improved the performance of Knotes when you have many highlights and notes.

What’s improved 🍀:

  • Don’t write back to Kindle by default
  • Don’t add tags automatically by default when sync to Evernote

What’s fixed 🐛:

  • Evernote Syncing issue

Evernote Syncing Issue


As I mentioned in the newsletter, Evernote found a security issue in their SDK that the cause Knotes to not transmit data in HTTPS sometimes. So Evernote temporarily disabled the API key that Knotes used.

We worked closely with Evernote and started fixing it immediately, by publishing Knotes 1.5.0, the Evernote syncing issue is successfully resolved.

Very sorry for the inconvenience!

Improved performance of Knotes

We refactored the way we organize the books and notes to make Knotes loads faster and search faster even you have thousands of highlights and notes in Knotes!

Thanks Brett and Manuel for bring this feedback to us!

Knotes 2.0

Enjoy the Knotes 1.5.0! ❤

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